Thank You For Your Support!

Community Learning Center, Inc. (CLC, Inc.) was founded in 2000 to promote employment by assisting unemployed and underemployed workers in need of high quality, family supporting jobs.  Since inception, CLC, Inc. has provided academic remediation and workforce training to more than 7,500 workers with barriers to employment.  CLC, Inc. has a track record of success in designing, implementing, and operating programs for hard-to-employ workers.  Through partnership with industry, business, labor unions, government, schools and community organizations, CLC, Inc. provides model educational, training, and employment services.  Our school’s graduates have an 80% placement rate and earn an average of $14 per hour when leaving our 8 week programs.


CLC, Inc. does not collect information on donors. We will not store your credit card info or personal details. We will simply log your name (or foundation's name) and dollar amount so we can know who has commited to help us change the community. Thank you!

If there are any issues with a donated amount needing to be refunded, CLC can reimburse the amount less credit card fees as long as it is requested within 30 days. Payment will be made by company check.